Photography by Justin Coloma, Coloma Productions

Jonathan b Perez.
Concept art.

Jonathan B Perez is a professional Illustrator and Storyboard Artist who has made a career in the LA film industry out of elucidating screenplays through his artwork, designing movie posters, creating concept art, and other marketing materials for such films and shows as History's "Doomsday: 10 Ways The World Will End" (2016), "Jim Henson's Word Party" (2016), "Drifter" (2016), and " Badlands of Kain" (2015). His work and productions have also gone on to receive press in such publications as The New York Post, Fast Company, Engadget, No Film School, Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, and Twitch Film.

Jonathan lives to create stunning design work for his clients with the belief that great design is more than just pretty pictures - it needs to make a statement and tell a story, after all, a picture can and should speak a thousand words. So, with that in mind, he approaches his work by combining traditional drawing skills with targeted marketing techniques to deliver works of quality, style, and substance.

Illustrations are used for Advertisements, Posters, Books, Graphic Novels, Storyboards, Manuals, Magazines, Shirts, Video Games, Newspapers, and Digital Print.


"I'm a big believer in storyboards. They are a powerful tool for visual storytelling and the best way to get your team on the same page. On History's "Doomsday: Ten Ways The World Will End," we were tasked with completing hundreds of epic shots of destruction and mayhem. Jonathan was instrumental in capturing the essence of each sequence, helping to put the VFX team in the best position to succeed. Jonathan is a true collaborator and an asset during our production meeting brainstorm sessions. He works quickly, and his drawings have just the right balance of detail and kinetic energy. I have already recommended Jonathan to my peers and will continue to do so."
      - Steffen Schlachtenhaufen, Creative Director, Flight 33 Productions

"The storyboards and illustrations Jonathan did for our production perfectly captured the essence of our show. He delivered exactly what we needed!"
      Dan Walsh, Production Manager, The Jim Henson Company


“We had a tight deadline and difficult style, Jonathan not only nailed the cinematographic approach we wanted, he even solved some issues for us and put the entire team on the same page visually. As a director, I felt like my vision reached the page in a way I’ve only experienced when drawing the storyboards myself. I look forward to working with Jonathan on our next project!” 
      Rene Amador, Creative Director, Automaton Creative


"Jonathan's storyboards are so detailed, like something out of a cool comic book or graphic novel. You give him ideas about how you want the drawings, and not only does he run with it and deliver on what you asked for.. He also adds so, so much more. He's a true artist."
     - Chris von Hoffmann. Director/Producer/Co-Writer of “DRIFTER

"It was a pleasure working with Jonathan on DRIFTER. His unique illustration style helped differentiate the film's poster from the hundreds of other lower-budget indie films competing for people's attention."
      - Mike Radiloff, President of Marketing & Distribution at XLrator Media


"Right when I began speaking with Jonathan, I knew that not only was he a talented artist, but that he loved movies and had a deep understanding of cinematic language. This is a huge asset to have. Not only that, but his work pops off the page! He's able to get inside your head and understand your vision, but he also brings his own ideas and style if you allow him too, and you should!"
  - Stephen Ohl, Director/Writer of "White River Tales"


"Working with Jonathan was a truly fantastic experience. He was fast, professional, and incredibly detailed. His drawings are truly unreal. What you see on the website doesn't live up to the real deal once you see those boards in your hands. As a person, he's very charismatic, easy to work with, and was a blast to partner with through the meetings. One aspect that truly sets him apart, and that is unfortunately rare, is that he honestly does put the story first, and that just makes it all the better to collaborate with him."
      - Santiago Caicedo Valencia, Producer of “ELEPHANTS


"Jonathan's artwork was amazing and well done. Visually, it helped to expand the story to a whole new level."
      - Octavio Mora. Writer & Director of LEGEND


"Jonathan can make any story come to life with his attention to detail and ability to create timeless artworks that are not only thought provoking but leave you anticipating the actual movie. He is an asset to any team he joins and will work with you to make the best project possible."
      - Aletha Shepherd. Writer & Producer of “IDOL”

"I reached out to Jonathan last minute for a graphic design project and he surely did not disappoint. I've seen his work from colleagues in the past and was absolutely impressed. He was meticulous, professional, and efficient. I would gladly recommend him for any artistic need."
      - Isaac Gonzales. SMServices


“Jonathan is a truly talented movie poster illustrator and storyboard artist. He is a great guy to know in the entertainment industry. He is very personable and easy to work with and has a great deal of creativity.”

        - Dr. John B Charnay. CEO: Charnay and Associates, Press Agent, Publicist, Social Media, and Marketing                                                            Consultant