IDOL (2015)

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Synopsis: IDOL highlights one of the most long lasting, current, and pivotal subjects facing our society today. As a result, President Obama performed a speech at the Grammys highlighting the issues women are suffering and has asked the nation to make a pledge against condoning this type of violence. Smart and pretty, Erika is your normal, vibrant, college student; but after an average night out with her best friend at her favorite artist’s concert, her whole world turns upside down. Erika is provoked to write a story which leads to an interrogation by her campus counselor. As she begins to recall the incident that took place, we start to realize that they have a lot more in common than different. Erika confronts her naive affection for her idol, and must decide whether to speak up or let her self-blame continue to mute her. As we follow this torn, young, woman relive a traumatic event, a stark contrast becomes apparent as she transforms into a fraction of the young, vibrant, woman she once was.

IDOL stars Theresa Tilly, James Hartman, Tessa Mossey, and Aletha Shepherd. 

The film is Directed by Michael Vaughn (Creative District), Written and Produced by Aletha Shepherd (Alethia Entertainment), with Music by Elias Logothetis (pictured left), and Art Direction, Concept, and Storyboard Art by Jonathan B Perez. (pictured right)