PRIX (2015) 

Watch the official release below

 Prix was produced by InVisage, the company behind the development of a new type of smartphone sensor with higher dynamic range and zero rolling shutter, and was filmed by Automaton Creative using the prototype chip to show exactly how the tech works. InVisage developed a photosensitive nano-coating it calls QuantumFilm that works differently than silicon. The material has "higher photosensitivity and electron sensitivity per pixel," which makes it react more like film than a typical CMOS sensor. It's also fast enough to instantly switch on and off, allowing the use of a global instead of a rolling shutter.

InVisage filmed in challenging, bright sunlight conditions to test the dynamic range, and shot fast moving subjects (RC race cars) to show off the global shutter. The resulting footage (above) yields a cinematic quality even though the sensor is smartphone sized. Through further refinement, the technology can result in strikingly better smartphone and camera images in the not-too-distant future. Check out the Making of video and trailer below!

the making of PRIX

Prix: Official Trailer

In 2009, Automaton Creative Video Agency set off to create a new kind of video company, run by filmmakers, driven by cinematic storytelling, a collective of video advertising passion. They specialize in creating original video content that tells an interesting story creatively. This adventure in video has come to be called Automaton.

Jonathan B Perez : Storyboard Artist

“We had a tight deadline and difficult style, Jonathan not only nailed the cinematographic approach we wanted, he even solved some issues for us and put the entire team on the same page visually. As a director, I felt like my vision reached the page in a way I’ve only experienced when drawing the storyboards myself. I look forward to working with Jonathan on our next project!” 

      - Rene Amador, Creative Director, Automaton Creative

Their core focus working with major entertainment and media brands affords them a broad expertise across content marketing, advertising, and filmmaking. When creating their video concepts, they focus on delivering the rich visual storytelling that viewers have come to expect from their most trusted brands.

Mostly though, they love Video and want to have a million of its babies. They execute productions across the disciplines of live action performance, animation, motion graphics, visual effects, and video documentation.

Automaton Creative was founded by Rene Amador and Jocelyn Hsu. In 2002, they created one of the first viral web videos to get millions of views. In the next decade, more than 150 companies approached them to create video content for their brands, and now enjoy serving as de facto web video experts.